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A command line utility to sort and format your toml files.

Read the latest documentation here:


# With pip
pip install toml-sort

# With poetry
poetry add --dev toml-sort


This library sorts TOML files, providing the following features:

  • Sort tables and Arrays of Tables (AoT)

  • Option to sort non-tables / non-AoT’s, or not

  • Preserve inline comments

  • Option to preserve top-level document comments, or not

  • Standardize whitespace and indentation

I wrote this library/application because I couldn’t find any “good” sorting utilities for TOML files. Now, I use this as part of my daily workflow. Hopefully it helps you too!

Command line usage

This project can be used as either a command line utility or a Python library. Read the docs for an overview of its library capabilities. For command line usage, see below:

$ toml-sort --help
Usage: toml-sort [OPTIONS] [FILENAMES]...

  Sort toml file FILENAME(s), writing to file(s) or stdout (default)

  FILENAME a filepath or standard input (-)

  Examples (non-exhaustive list):
    Stdin -> Stdout : cat input.toml | toml-sort
    Disk -> Disk    : toml-sort -o output.toml input.toml
    Linting         : toml-sort --check input.toml input2.toml input3.toml
    Inplace Disk    : toml-sort --in-place input.toml input2.toml

  -o, --output PATH  The output filepath. Choose stdout with '-' (the

  -a, --all          Sort all keys. Default is to only sort non-inline 'tables
                     and arrays of tables'.

  -i, --in-place     Makes changes to the original input file. Note: you
                     cannot redirect from a file to itself in Bash. POSIX
                     shells process redirections first, then execute the

  --no-header        Do not keep a document's leading comments.
  --check            Check if an original file is changed by the formatter.
                     Return code 0 means it would not change. Return code 1
                     means it would change.

  -I, --ignore-case  When sorting, ignore case.
  --version          Show the version and exit.
  --help             Show this message and exit.

Configuration file

toml-sort can also be configured by using the pyproject.toml file. If the file exists and has a tool.tomlsort section, the configuration is used. If both command line arguments and the configuration are used, the options are merged. In the case of conflicts, the command line option is used.

In short, the names are the same as on the command line (and have the same meaning), but - is replaced with _. Please note, that only the below options are supported:

all = true
in_place = true
no_header = true
check = true
ignore_case = true


The following example shows the input, and output, from the CLI with default options.

Unformatted, unsorted input

# My great TOML example

  title = "The example"

ports = [ 8001, 8001, 8002 ]
dob = 1979-05-27T07:32:00Z # First class dates? Why not?

  date = "2018"
  name = "Richard Stallman"

ports = [ 80 ]
dob = 1920-05-27T07:32:00Z # Another date!

                          date = "2019"
                          name = "Samuel Roeca"

Formatted, sorted output

# My great TOML example

title = "The example"

date = "2019"
name = "Samuel Roeca"

ports = [ 8001, 8001, 8002 ]
dob = 1979-05-27T07:32:00Z # First class dates? Why not?

ports = [ 80 ]
dob = 1920-05-27T07:32:00Z # Another date!

date = "2018"
name = "Richard Stallman"

Local Development

Local development for this project is quite simple.


Install the following tools manually.


Set up development environment

make setup

Run Tests

make test

Written by

Samuel Roeca,

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